Green Dresses

This shoot marks a passage of time. Ashleigh is now 10 years old will no longer accept being dressed the same as Ella. So this is the last shoot we’ll do like this – the good news is there’s another girl waiting in the wings for her matching outfit with Ella, hope I’m around in another 5 years to document the day Ella refuses to be dressed the same as Frankie.

I love my job. I especially love it when clients become friends and I can honestly say I love these girls – the fact they are amazingly photogenic and will pose for me at the drop of a hat is an added bonus.

The green dresses by the way are from Loo Loo’s in Ingatestone

April 25, 2012 - 7:22 pm

Stuart Cooper - These are seriously beautiful Jo. I love everything about these pictures the girls look lovely and you’ve totally nailed it! X

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