Family Shoot

Well, so far I’ve had a really busy summer, mainly comprising of 3 things.

1 shooting
2 teenage wrangling
3 watching the Olympics

Apart from number 2 which is ALWAYS stress inducing, I’ve had a fab time.

One of my fav shoots was a Family Shoot with the Goodwins. Mum Yvonne is part of the team at The Bespoke Wardrobe, an exquisite bridal shop in Ingatestone, Essex. Despite the house being covered in shots of the boys there are no shots of them as a family, until now!

I think this is something that all too often we neglect and I’m as guilty as anyone – if not more so. I have countless pictures of my children but few, if any, of me with them. We should all take the time to step from behind the camera or iphone and get some shots of us with our children, something that I’m sure they will appreciate in years to come.

They are lucky to have a cornfield at the back of their already large garden so I took the boys out there for some posing on their own. I actually took my son Angus with me to assist in the shoot and he was great at distracting the boys whilst I got creative, so much so that Harry asked if he could stay and play when we’d finished.

Thank you Max & Harry both Angus and I really enjoyed your shoot

and thanks Yvonne and Dominic for choosing to have images of your family that I hope you will treasure forever.

Jo x


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