Folio Shoot

What is a Folio Shoot? Well, it’s April, it’s fricking snowing AGAIN and I am sat at my desk thinking of new products to roll out to my lovely clients.

Apart from weddings which are a separate genre I offer normal family portrait shoots, babies, and my makeover shoot. Clients then purchase prints from my a la carte price list and also receive the digital file of any images they purchase and that works very well.

BUT I have recently been approached by some clients who want a makeover shoot and want to buy a disc of the images from their shoot so with this in mind I have created the ‘Folio’.

The Folio is a makeover with 2 looks/changes of outfit, the client gets 20 images in colour and black & white on an archival quality DVD plus some contact sheet designs. They are particularly useful for actors, artists and models who want to update their portfolio but are also just as great for the client that doesn’t want the whole shebang of the full makeover shoot which can have up to 5 different outfit changes as well as the hair and makeup to go with them.

It’s still snowing, dammit – come on spring, please x

Click on this “FOLIO” to see the Folio Brochure.


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