Polo Ponies Shoot in the New Forest

Polo Ponies make an excellent subject for a shoot, not to mention their owner Mark!

An early morning start in The New Forest meant we could use the countryside with only a few wild ponies for company, although they soon scattered when Mark decided to gallop up and down and show me his stopping techniques! Mark thought that screeching to a halt in front of me was highly amusing but I get massive brownie points for not diving out of the way and trusting his brakes.

I love taking pictures of horses and it is lovely when you can capture the connection between the horse and it’s owner and especially so when they have such a close working partnership. Each of Mark’s horses is special to him as an individual and they all have particular specialities but you can see he loves and values each one. It was a pleasure to capture.

I grew up riding in The New Forest and it always feels like home when I go back, the landscape is SO different to that of Essex that it makes me feel very homesick. I don’t do a lot of hacking now but I think my ponio would love it down here, although I do dressage ponies not polo ponies these looked like great fun.

What’s not to love about about a man who loves his ponies?



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