Head Shots

The head shots photo shoot has increased in popularity over the past year. As a professional person more and more of us require a head shot for our online presence and there are so many applications, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as your own website. I decided to tailor a package for this very thing and came up with the Folio Shoot.

This is Karen and she is a partner in Event Net a very successful event and wedding planning service which also has a wedding industry networking arm too.


I am always a bit thrilled when I see one of my images come up as someone’s avatar (posh name for head shots) on a social media site and as I look down the images of friends and clients especially on Facebook they are every where, yay for me because it means I’m obviously doing my job right!

Karen had a couple of changes of clothes and we ended with some lingerie and as is the norm for most women, at the start she was all “lingerie = no way!” but guess what one of those images is now her avatar. It’s not revealing – I don’t do boudoir – but it is classy and classic, just like Karen.



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