Equine Photography

If you have an Equine Photography session with Joanna Pearce Photography you are getting a photographer and also a horse owner, sometimes a competitor, sometimes a groom but always a lover of the beauty of a horse.

“I think it is because I have such a strong bond with horses myself that I am able to understand and capture the connection other people have with their own horses and also why I get a great deal of pleasure from doing it.”

You can use your shoot to record your horse as he is now or with some pre consultation with Joanna she can create some fine art images that will look amazing in a bespoke frame in your home.

Joanna works across the UK photographing horses and has built a reputation for producing images that capture not only your horses but the relationships you have with them. Please take a moment to look at the price guide on the investments page for more details of what is on offer. You can also connect via my Facebook page which has more information on it.

You can have a private shoot or share a shoot day with another on your yard and reduce your costs, call Joanna for more quotes for an equine photography day for more than 3 people or if you would like hair and make-up and styling advice as part of your shoot.