World Book Day

It’s World Book Day today and I realise that I have not read a book, fact or fiction, for an age.

I spend most of my time looking at a screen of sorts, tv, phone and computer. I used to read avidly and hugely enjoyed it. Books have made me laugh out loud (that always makes you look like a bit of a loony) and books have made me sob and I realise that I miss it.

Last night I lectured a friends child to read The Hunger Games before she saw the film as I always feel that you are ‘cheating’ by seeing the film first. In the back of my head I knew that, despite my daughter telling me I would love it, I saw Twilight before I read it. After seeing it I devoured the Twilight series sitting at my kitchen table reading during the day! I realise that I am missing the feeling of being so immersed in a book that I couldn’t put it down and that makes me a little sad.

I remember very clearly the first time I had that feeling reading The Thornbirds. Having remembered that I realise there is a theme to these books, I love a tragic love story. My all time favourite is Pride and Prejudice and I have read it several times and I think it deserves a re-visit soon.

Today I have bought ‘Sane New World‘ by Ruby Wax. She has been on tv (a screen) advertising her book in paperback over the past few days and at my ripe old age her analysis of where our heads are in this modern world really appeals to me and I have always liked her tv shows and comedy and so I thought ‘ok I’m reading that today’.

I’ll let you know what I think about it but this is what Stephen Fry said:

Ruby Wax has an extraordinary mind, and she has brought it to bear with trademark wit and searing honesty on the subject of that mind, and the minds of all us. Very few will be able to read this wonderful contribution to the literature of mental health without recognising some part of themselves, and certainly of someone they know. A ruby beyond price. (Stephen Fry)

I’ve read both of Stephen’s autobiographies and am generally of the belief that if he says it’s good it is good.

I will watch The Only Way is Essex afterwards to make sure I balance the universe.

It’s World Book Day, go and turn a page or two.

March 6, 2014 - 11:35 am

Jennifer - Great post and good kick up the bottom. Love Ruby, be good to hear what you think.

Head Shots

The head shots photo shoot has increased in popularity over the past year. As a professional person more and more of us require a head shot for our online presence and there are so many applications, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as your own website. I decided to tailor a package for this very thing and came up with the Folio Shoot.

This is Karen and she is a partner in Event Net a very successful event and wedding planning service which also has a wedding industry networking arm too.


I am always a bit thrilled when I see one of my images come up as someone’s avatar (posh name for head shots) on a social media site and as I look down the images of friends and clients especially on Facebook they are every where, yay for me because it means I’m obviously doing my job right!

Karen had a couple of changes of clothes and we ended with some lingerie and as is the norm for most women, at the start she was all “lingerie = no way!” but guess what one of those images is now her avatar. It’s not revealing – I don’t do boudoir – but it is classy and classic, just like Karen.



Essex Wedding Photographer

As I think I’ve say before yes I’m an essex wedding photographer but I also travel and this next wedding took place in Basingstoke in Hampshire. St Michael’s Church also has a beautiful Tudor building that can act as a venue for the reception and that is what Ben & Lucy had chosen. With the help of their family and friends they decorated the ‘church cottage’ with home made food and decor it was lovely.

I can also vouch for the fact that the food was delicious – my favourite weddings are those that I get to share the wedding breakfast/tea, a girl’s got to eat you know.

This is the second wedding I have done for this family and it was a lovely day. Ben & Lucy really have a great bunch of friends and I’m sure they will have a wonderful life together.

wedding details, wedding tea party, bride
St Michael's Church, Basingstoke, groom, church interior
bridal party, chimney sweep

This last image needs no words ….

no dad dancing

I’m an essex wedding photographer but will travel for food!

February 6, 2014 - 4:18 pm

Mary Lloyd-Williams - Lovely photos so far but hope there are some more somewhere ! Lucy looks absolutely STUNNING and those young men aren’t too bad either…………….LOVED the equine ones – what a horse.

February 6, 2014 - 5:05 pm

admin - Thanks for that Lucy & Ben have the rest of the images I only share a few from the day on here.

Jo x

Equine Photo Shoot

Autumn seems a long way away – golden afternoons, crisp leaves and horses. It’s dodging the rain clouds and puddles full time at the moment for most horsey types so no better time than now to share this equine photo shoot.

Laura and Boysie are a couple and what better way to record their relationship than in an equine photo shoot.

equine photo shoot

Laura chose my standard equine photo shoot package which is either the shoot and a 16″framed image or the shoot and 10 digital images she went for the digital option and these were her final choices.

connection between horse and ridertender momenttender moment between horse and ownerhorse & owner bondingChesnut horsehorse & owner walking through meadowchestnut horse eye detailchestnut horse and brunette lady

The final was a favourite for us both and for me just sums up how we feel about our horses and the huge emotional connection there is.

emotional connection between horse and owner

Laura works for Equitech and the breeches she is wearing (which are a top seller!) can be found here.


Ideal Home Show at Christmas Prize Draw Winner

As promised here is the beautiful Adele lucky winner of my prize draw from The Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Adele winner of Prize Draw

Adele winner of Prize Draw

Adele was a little shocked when I rang her to say she had won the shoot. Shocked and surprised saying “but I never win anything!” Well she had this time and after organising the date for the shoot itself we discussed possible outfits, accessories, hair and make-up. She also decided she was going to keep her win a secret from everyone until after the shoot so that she could, hopefully, have her ta-dah! moment when revealing the images.

Adele arrived at the shoot with a clean moisturised face and clean dry hair. At hand to work her magic was Debbie Lloyd award winning make-up artist. We started with a day look and Adele chose a soft pink top with some jewellery that has great meaning to her.

Before & After shot

Before & After shot

Another gorgeous jumper!

snuggly jumper

snuggly jumper

Then is was time for a gorgeous fitted dress.

Black & white dress

Black & white dress

Then we went a bit freestyle!

pink tulle

pink tulle



Finally Adele, who really put a lot of preparation into her shoot wardrobe, changed into a white shirt. I usually advise against baggy clothing because it is not flattering to anyone but Adele’s idea was to have a gorgeous shot of herself wearing a white shirt that she would then give to her husband for Christmas along with a shot of herself in. Well I stand corrected because she looked great.

[caption id="attachment_1588" align="aligncenter" width="907"]white shirt white shirt

Adele brought her husband to the viewing, still none the wiser about her experience, on the pretence that he was going to have a Reiki session. He was a ‘little’ surprised but also delighted with the results of Adele’s shoot and they chose the images included in her prize together. We didn’t show him the ‘white shirt’ images and Adele chose one of those to give him at Christmas as a surprise a couple of days later.

I received this from her via email:

Thank you so so much Joanna, I’ve had such a gritty year and it’s the best I’ve felt for as long as I can remember. You’re better than therapy!”


January 17, 2014 - 11:44 am

Lian Twigg - What a beautiful shoot – are there any more prize draws? Lucky Adele!