Ideal Home Show at Christmas Draw Winner

I am so happy to announce the Ideal Home Show at Christmas Draw Winner in this post.

After a fabulous 5 days at Earls Court exhibiting at The Ideal Home Show at Christmas at which I met SO many lovely people I was left with over 200 names from which to pick a winner of my Prize Draw. The winner received a photo shoot preceded by a gorgeous hair and makeup pamper session and the lucky lady was the gorgeous Adele H. and a post on her shoot will follow this.

This was how my stand looked (iPhone pics so forgive the quality):

Stand at the Ideal Home Show

Stand at the Ideal Home Show

I had help setting up from my lovely friend Lian and son Angus and help with manning (or should that be womaning) the stand from my daughter Billie, Jo Morris and Carla Brooks and I couldn’t have done it without you all – so thank you.

Also a big thank you to all the ladies whose images appeared on the stand – I had to explain to a lot of people that you were not professional models!

ps Also Mark T helped take it all down and carry stuff back to the car in the rain – thanks Mark.


Website Update

It’s been a while since I posted anything on my website, I’m afraid I’ve been caught in the Facebook trap, posting and sharing my work on there. The only problem with that is that you have to:

A – be on Facebook
B – be bothered to click on the link

to see it – d’oh!

Well I aim to rectify that and shall be using my business Facebook account to direct people to my website as that is where you can see my images in their best format.

So seeing as I mean to do this on a regular basis here is my little muse Ash.


Prom Photos

Prom Photos are almost as important as the dress itself! They are there as a reminder of how gorgeous you or your little girl looked on her big day.

Ok so the ‘prom’ has officially come here from the states but it is here to stay now. My own daughter and a couple of years later my son had great fun planning their outfits, how they were getting there and even the after party!


Polo Ponies Shoot in the New Forest

Polo Ponies make an excellent subject for a shoot, not to mention their owner Mark!

An early morning start in The New Forest meant we could use the countryside with only a few wild ponies for company, although they soon scattered when Mark decided to gallop up and down and show me his stopping techniques! Mark thought that screeching to a halt in front of me was highly amusing but I get massive brownie points for not diving out of the way and trusting his brakes.

I love taking pictures of horses and it is lovely when you can capture the connection between the horse and it’s owner and especially so when they have such a close working partnership. Each of Mark’s horses is special to him as an individual and they all have particular specialities but you can see he loves and values each one. It was a pleasure to capture.

I grew up riding in The New Forest and it always feels like home when I go back, the landscape is SO different to that of Essex that it makes me feel very homesick. I don’t do a lot of hacking now but I think my ponio would love it down here, although I do dressage ponies not polo ponies these looked like great fun.

What’s not to love about about a man who loves his ponies?



Folio Shoot

What is a Folio Shoot? Well, it’s April, it’s fricking snowing AGAIN and I am sat at my desk thinking of new products to roll out to my lovely clients.

Apart from weddings which are a separate genre I offer normal family portrait shoots, babies, and my makeover shoot. Clients then purchase prints from my a la carte price list and also receive the digital file of any images they purchase and that works very well.

BUT I have recently been approached by some clients who want a makeover shoot and want to buy a disc of the images from their shoot so with this in mind I have created the ‘Folio’.

The Folio is a makeover with 2 looks/changes of outfit, the client gets 20 images in colour and black & white on an archival quality DVD plus some contact sheet designs. They are particularly useful for actors, artists and models who want to update their portfolio but are also just as great for the client that doesn’t want the whole shebang of the full makeover shoot which can have up to 5 different outfit changes as well as the hair and makeup to go with them.

It’s still snowing, dammit – come on spring, please x

Click on this “FOLIO” to see the Folio Brochure.