Folio Shoot

What is a Folio Shoot? Well, it’s April, it’s fricking snowing AGAIN and I am sat at my desk thinking of new products to roll out to my lovely clients.

Apart from weddings which are a separate genre I offer normal family portrait shoots, babies, and my makeover shoot. Clients then purchase prints from my a la carte price list and also receive the digital file of any images they purchase and that works very well.

BUT I have recently been approached by some clients who want a makeover shoot and want to buy a disc of the images from their shoot so with this in mind I have created the ‘Folio’.

The Folio is a makeover with 2 looks/changes of outfit, the client gets 20 images in colour and black & white on an archival quality DVD plus some contact sheet designs. They are particularly useful for actors, artists and models who want to update their portfolio but are also just as great for the client that doesn’t want the whole shebang of the full makeover shoot which can have up to 5 different outfit changes as well as the hair and makeup to go with them.

It’s still snowing, dammit – come on spring, please x

Click on this “FOLIO” to see the Folio Brochure.


Portrait of a Woman

What is a portrait of a woman?
When do we have our picture taken?
Do you have a portrait of your mum in her prime?

As I have probably said before most of us do not have our picture taken on a regular basis, especially those mums amongst us. We take the pictures, of our children, our families but not us. Well it’s about time we all changed that so that our children and theirs will see us in our prime, gorgeous, confident and forever.

These are a Portrait of a Woman.

The best feed back you can have from a shoot:

“If I could I would have bought all the photos and dedicated a wall in my house to ME 😉 xx”

Thanks Krissie you deserve it – we all do.


Mothers Day

Mothers Day – it’s that time of year again and it has made me think. Even before I was a professional photographer I was the self appointed family camera holder. I have many many images of my kids as they have grown up but how many images do I have of me with them? The answer to that is one or two and those are when I reluctantly stepped the other side of the camera at family events. I bet you and or your mother says ‘oh no don’t take my picture – I’m too fat/I’ve got no make up on or (the one I hear all the time as a photographer) I always look awful in pictures. Well my daughter pulled me up on this whilst I was editing the mother and daughters shoots below. She told me it made her sad to think she and her brother had so few images of me as they were growing up and that would be something she would treasure and like to share with her children. Guilted out by a 17 year old.

My call to all you mothers out there is step in front of the camera once in a while, your kids won’t care about your hair or the size of your bum (hopefully it won’t be in shot anyway!) they will just care that they have you.

As well as the shots of them together I always take the opportunity for some individual shots.

Then the girls together.

Another of them all.

What a beautiful family of women.

And finally Wendy you are one ‘hot’ mother!

Come and have a Mothers Day Makeover Shoot – £295 for a the shoot and 2 10×7 images and give yourself and your family amazing images that will last all your lifetimes – so you have one less thing for your kids to make you feel guilty about.


Modern Glamour Shoot

This was a shoot I really enjoyed a modern glamour shoot, not only did Fay have some amazing dresses but she brought a bag of Jimmy Choos with her – a girl after my own heart! Unfortunately though I don’t really shoot my clients full length and being barefoot enables them to move more freely, I still liked them being there though!

Makeup was with my very talented make-up artist Carla Brooks and hair by Lisa Alger and the styling is something that we all work on together during the shoot – after I’ve decided my favourite outfits that is.

Fay came as I ask all my clients to, clean dry hair and a clean moisturised face – ready for the work to start.

And then it’s full on modern glamour shoot time.

Thanks Fay I really enjoyed photographing you x


Lucy’s Christmas Present

Lucy has been on a huge (wait for it I’m going to use the word of the moment) ‘journey’ this year. She has gone from working in the city to fulfilling her dream of having her own children’s designer boutique. Loo Loo’s has been open since April 2012 and has been a huge success. I have been involved with Lucy as the lovely ladies at The Bespoke Wardrobe sent me in her direction as she was setting the shop up. Since then I have provided her with promotional images and some of her wonderful customers have had photoshoots with me. Having chatted with Lucy about my Editorial Beauty Shoots she decided to give it a go and these are the results, starting with the before:

I want my clients to have as many different looks as possible as far as clothing is concerned but the most important thing for me is that they are relaxed, those of you that know Lucy will know that she is a fabulous, hardworking, funny girl – she also takes a pretty good picture too, doesn’t she!

Thank you Lucy, I think you are stunning.

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