Jess & James Wedding

I love weddings at Christmas, the added Christmassy feel to everything is great and makes up for the sometimes dubious weather!

Jess & James had there service at Appledore Church and then on to Saunton Sands Hotel for the reception. Although it rained on and off all day and the wind was ‘strong’ once inside the hotel it just made you appreciate the amazing views.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Rees, have a great honeymoon.

Jo x


Modern Glamour

I know ‘glamour’ is a dirty word in the world of photography but I have really struggled to find any other word to describe this style of work. The oldest meaning of the word glamour comes from Scotland and was associated with those casting a ‘glamour’ over you making you see things other than they are. Nowadays it has become associated with page 3 and worse, well I want it back!

My glamour is about making a woman look and feel gorgeous, giving her fabulous hair and makeup and then taking photographs of her looking her best right now. Not when she has lost 10lbs, or when she was 10 years younger but right NOW looking amazing.

Enough words look at these images, a real woman showing real glamour.

If you or a woman in your life needs some glamour come and get it! A makeover and a shoot would make a fabulous gift.


Jo & Jamie Bovey Castle Wedding (part 1)

This wedding was a first for me as not only the photographer but also a guest. I was very lucky to secure the help of Hayley Ruth on the day otherwise I would’ve been an utter wreck by the end of it!

Jo & Jamie had chosen Bovey Castle as their venue, set in 5000 acres in the beautiful Dartmoor National Park, in the heart of Devon. Bovey provided a gorgeous backdrop to the weekends celebrations and is definitely somewhere you should visit, I can highly recommend their champagne cream tea. I don’t want to make this post too long so I’ll just fire into the images.

Part 2 will have the details of the speeches which Hayley very kindly shot and let me enjoy and the evening entertainment which was epic.

Those of you who wish to see a more detailed view of the day can look at the gallery by clicking on the link below.


Zoe’s 18th Birthday Photo Shoot.

To mark Zoe’s 18th birthday she was given a Birthday Photo Shoot as a wonderful surprise gift.

Zoe is a rare thing. A clever, polite, pleasure to be around teenager but then she’s not mine so I bet her parents beg to differ!

To mark her 18th birthday I offered her a makeover shoot – to save her blushes I’m not posting the before shot, it’s a gift after all.

and finally the biggest accolade I could ask for the image she has used for her Facebook profile.

Happy Birthday Zoe x


Jo & Jamie Pre Wedding Shoot

Jo & Jamie Pre Wedding Shoot. Well I can’t really call this an engagement shoot as Jo and Jamie got engaged in New York last year and very selfishly neglected to bring me along to capture the moments a pre wedding shoot it is!

Their wedding is in September at the amazing Bovey Castle and I am really looking forward to it as I will be attending as a guest as well as the photographer. With this in mind the wonderful Hayley Ruth will be shooting with me on the day. The photography community really is a great one and I have a number of friends that I am more than happy to call on when I need extra help and Hayley is one of them.

Westward Ho! may not be urban and hip like New York but it is every bit as beautiful in it’s natural state and I even got a little geography lesson from Jo about naturally occurring ‘blah blah blah’ – something about the stones I wasn’t paying attention as we were heading to the ice cream van at the time.

They are a gorgeous couple, Jo is the little sister I never had and you all know I will be a mess at the wedding but maybe more of a mess in Marbella next week on the Hen Week – I will be taking my camera ….

nb I did take my camera and those of you that follow me or are Facebook friends will know that I have shared some images there but not on here, no.

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