Hampshire Summer Wedding

As the sun shines in March and we are having a few days of t-shirt weather I am bringing you a summer wedding in Hampshire.  You may or may not know that I am a Hampshire girl, despite having moved around over the years I still think of Hampshire as home (sorry Essex) so I was happy to be shooting a wedding there and this one was special.  The bridal preparations and reception were at the wonderful Lainston House on the outskirts of Winchester.



Then to the  Chapel at St Cross set in meadow lands to the south of Winchester for a beautiful ceremony.

Some gorgeous shots of the bride and groom after the ceremony.

Then a return to Lainston House where Charlotte, Guy and their guests had a wonderful evening.

Happy Wednesday everyone x


Baby Eira | Baby Portraits Essex

My blog zips around all over the place, I know that.  Horses, weddings, makeovers, babies and kids – I make no apology for that.  What can I say I get bored easily!  I really feel that the challenge of working with so many different types of subject makes me think about what I’m doing and stops me from falling into a rut.  Having said that, I love babies.  The easiest times to photograph them are newborn and around 9 to 10 months – from when they can’t move much to when they can move but are also able to support themselves.  Eira is in the inbetween time.  I’m not going to lie posing was a challenge as she spent most of her time trying to pull herself up, she is going to have rock hard abs if she keeps that up!

I think the shoot was a success, I definitely enjoyed it and hopefully I’ll be back to get some more shots of her when she’s perfected those crunches.

Baby Portraits Essex, By Joanna Pearce.

March 27, 2012 - 4:38 pm

Emma Fulcher - Just L.O.V.E these photos Jo. My favs are the set of 3. Xxx

March 27, 2012 - 4:42 pm

Jennifer - beautiful and I just adore that quiff!

Leigh on Sea Portrait Shoot

I have recently updated my portrait gallery with a shoot from late summer.  As I realised I had never blogged this shoot I thought I would take the time to do so now.  It is layed out in the final cut for the album that came out of the shoot.  We had a limited amount of time at the beach because of some wardrobe ‘discussions’ with mum, the sun was coming down fast.  Luckily ‘A’ knows what she wants – I think all the ‘Next Top Model’ shows have alot to answer for.


With a shoot like this, that resulted in so many amazing images, an album seemed the best solution.  The finished product is gorgeous and resulted in a happy mother and daughter – dad was pleased too!


Happy Mothers Day

I hope you are all having a great Mothers Day.  Mine has been spent so far clearing up after my daughter hosting a surprise party for one of her friends.  As ever what was promised as a ‘few’ friends turned into nearly 20 and me waking up to a wreck of a house (and a few wrecked teenagers).  So far I have hoovered, washed floors, ironed and made those remaining teenagers fill up the recycling boxes – I didn’t shout, much.

On this day I want to share with you a recent shoot.  This is a relatively new departure for me and involves a ‘makeover’ shoot.  I provide the makeup artist, hair stylist and location and my clients rock up and look fabulous.  This time it was a mother and daughter shoot and we had great fun doing it.  Thanks to June and Karla for letting me share their before images but I think you’ll agree they both look super hot in their after shots.  We started with June.

Then it was Karla’s turn.

She is smoking hot!

Then time for a couple of shots of them together.

Thanks to you both for a fun shoot and Happy Mothers Day to all you hard working mums out there – I’m off to play with my horsie now, that’s my treat and hopefully I’ll come home to find dinner is ready but really – what are the odds?

March 19, 2012 - 9:01 am

Carrie - amazing shots – can’t believe the difference – they look fab!

March 19, 2012 - 3:38 pm

admin - Thanks Carrie x

Yard visit from Richard Maxwell

I know I have been a bit quiet on the blogging front but first I had a chest infection and so was feeling poorly and generally sorry for myself and then when feeling better I have gone head first into a couple of new projects.  I am VERY excited about the things to come but more of them later.

This post concerns a visit to the yard where I keep my horse from horse behaviourist Richard MaxwellAnia and her equine partner Rabbit were having some ‘issues’ regarding loading.  Ania wanted to be able to take Rabbit out to clinics to have fun and expand Rabbits world.  Rabbit did not want to go anywhere in that red box thing.  As it ever is with horses what started out as a small sometime problem soon became a battle of wills and muscle, one that physically we puny humans can never win unless we use our brains over brawn.

After Ania received the very generous birthday gift from her husband of a horse trailer she also booked herself a visit from Richard.  To say she was nervous before the event was an understatement.  Richard had told her to set aside up to 3 hours and a safe place to do the loading.  We have a few sand turnouts  at the yard and one is big enough to get the trailer in ready for Rabbit and Richard to do their stuff.

When I got to the yard Richard had already been there a little while and was in the main school with Rabbit on the end of the lunge line using one of his pressure release halters.  He was establising with Rabbit what his commands meant and reinforcing the edict that release of pressure is the reward for the required behaviour.

It didn’t take long for Rabbit to understand Richard – when we ask the same clear question we get the same response.  Most of what Richard was saying to Rabbit was non verbal but he did have to explain it to Ania!

Then it was time for Rabbit to face the trailer.

After a couple of objections from Rabbit she finally understood what Richard wanted and didn’t look back – literally.

Then it was Ania’s turn……

Again no problems.

Richard then suggested Ania put Rabbit in her stable for about 20 mins and then take her out and try again.  After her rest Rabbit came out and loaded like a professional.  Richard then gave Ania some homework, practising loading on the yard before venturing out with her.  So far, so good Rabbit has turned into a model loader and Ania has taken her out and loaded with no problems – she has now booked herself on a cross country clinic and only has the jumps to worry about when she gets there.

Having watched the process I would highly recommend Richard, it wasn’t complicated – far from it.  Knowing the questions to ask and asking them in a clear and consistant way gets results, to be honest it’s no different from the ground or the saddle.  It reminds me of a phrase that I hear quite often in my own lessons – ‘it’s not the horse, it’s you’ – if you ask the right question you’ll get the right answer!

March 17, 2012 - 7:04 pm

Amy Mills - Love it! Lucky you had such a lovely sunny day too! Good Rabbit and fab for Ania.