Fashion Inspired Women’s Portraits

Fashion Inspired Women’s Portraits – I’ve struggled with what to call this type of portrait photography, do I go down the 80’s and 90’s route and call it makeover photography or glamour photography? On reflection I think it’s best to reinvent the name as well as the style of this genre and call it what is fashion inspired women’s portrait photography. I want my clients to look and feel like they could be on the pages of Elle or Company magazine looking and feeling the best they can be.

The pleasure I get from doing these shoots never ceases to amaze or uplift me. None of us is getting any younger, few of us get thinner so if not now when?

Your family and especially your children deserve to have images of you now. Many of my clients come for a shoot to give something back to themselves but so far every one of them has given at least one of those images to their partners and family. I have lost count of the LinkedIn and Facebook profile pictures that have come from my shoots but every time I see one it fills me with pride. Proud of how beautiful, confident and generally amazing they look and also proud that I was able to see that in them.

After a hair and makeup pamper session with one of my team of professional artists your shoot will include several changes of clothes, accessories and have also included the odd G&T or glass of champagne. Share the experience with your mother, your sister or your best friend and have a wonderful time. Please take a look at the investments page for some more details about your shoot.