There is considerable debate as to whether the southern rubber boa (Charina umbratica) should be considered a subspecies of the rubber boa. The life of a rubber boa (Charina bottae) happens at a bit of a slower pace than it does for most snakes.This laid-back, gentle species is too often misunderstood when it is compared to more commonly kept species. Babies can be defensive and bite. The Rubber Boa is one of the smallest boas in the world. Boa constrictors are very powerful and will escape if given the chance, so enclosures must be secure. Along with the Rosy Boa, it is one of only two boas native to the United States. just double check your snake and do extra research before you get your snake. Rubber Boas live in the cool western regions of North America, often on mountainsides at high altitudes.   A good enclosure size for an adult boa constrictor is around 6 to 8 feet long, 2 to 3 feet wide, and 2 to 3 feet tall. These boas can reach up to 8ft in length and 6-7ft is more common. If you have trouble finding one, that might be the reason why. One fallback to these beginner pet snakes is that rubber boas tend to be costly (around $300 USD), and can be tough to find. Typically, they’re easier to find on the west coast because Rubber Boas are native to the pacific northwest. One of only two boa species found in the United States (with the other being the previously discussed rosy boa), rubber boas are also the most northerly boa species found in the world. I'm more of Rosy boa person myself anyway. 11. Rainbow boas are one of the most attractive snakes on the planet. The minimum size is around 10 square feet of … Most will tame down with regular handling but, do not ever let your guard down. Rubber boa captivation is becoming popular nowadays. The rubber boa is native to the Western United States. These boas will make good pet snakes for intermediate to advanced keepers. As long as proper handling and care are given to them, for sure these reptiles can be a good pet. i think rubber boa is another good oe Haylee on October 09, 2019: i think that corn snakes are nocturnal. The rubber boa at the most northerly of all boa species and one of the smallest members of the boa family. Just might not advertise all that much. We recommend searching at local pet expos for these. other than that this site has helped. That being said, lots of people don't care and will keep them anyway. Little is a little bit of an understatement when comparing these to their much bigger relatives native to south America, which include among others the emerald tree boa, boa constrictor, and the giant green anaconda. Rubber Boas (Charina bottae) Rubber Boa. The rubber boa is rather popular as a pet due to its disposition and is constantly put up for sale across the continent. Rubber Boas. What the rubber boa may lack in coloration, it makes up for in personality, and it is because of its calm and passive nature that I find the rubber boa … Depends where you live, in my area it's illegal to own a native snake species as a pet - so no rubber boas. They live in the coldest environments for any boa species, and they can even digest meals in temperatures as low as the sixties. The most important threat to this species stems from over-collection for your pet trade, though it’s presently illegal to market wild-caught rubber boas from the USA. It spends most of its time on the ground, but can also burrow, swim, and climb trees to find food. In the list of snakes taken as a pet, rubber boa is on the top though they are not easily seen in some pet shops or pet trades that is why you have to do research. The rubber boa is relatively rare in captivity, but these underappreciated snakes can make good pets. Rubber boas are one of the smaller boa species, adults can be anywhere from 38 to 84 cm (1.25 to 2.76 ft) long; newborns are typically 19 to 23 cm (7.5 to 9.1 in) long.