Components are then washed utilizing a high-pressure/high-temperature biodegradable degreaser solution. Spanco cranes are designed in conformance with the following applicable standards: All Spanco cranes have a design factor of 15% of the allowable capacity for the weight of the hoist and 25% for impact. Articulating jib cranes are useful for applications which include frequent use, careful positioning, or reaching around corners or around columns. The TC Free Standing Articulated Jib Crane is entirely independent from the building, and is securely anchored to the floor. It is solely the customer’s responsibility to provide suitable mounting supports for the jib crane. Industrial Articulating Jib Crane. This crane is perfect for custom welding, material handling, loading/unloading. November 26, 2018 July 22, 2020 Jeffrey Collins. The Articulating Jib Crane from Contrx is designed for reaching around or under obstructions, reaching through doorways, machines and/or trucks, while providing easy movement and precise load positioning. Inspection must be performed by a qualified person. An aluminium articulating jib arm can handle goods weighing up to 130 lbs, and the stainless steel articulating jib arm is best used for goods up to 175 lbs. Lifting loads around corners, through open doorways or into machines our articulating jibs serve a multitude of functions. The Conco® Articulating Jib Heavy, an articulating jib, is a horizontal positioning device. For vacuum lifting applications, the PIVOT PRO features vacuum-sealed arms to reduce hose festooning. Our standard Gorbel articulating jib cranes are available in capacities from 150 pounds to 2,000 pounds, spans from 8 feet to 16 feet and standard heights under boom up … These jibs can position and spot a load around obstructions, through doorways, or rotate in close to the free standing mast or building column. (314) 869-7200; Register; Log in; Wishlist (0) Shopping cart (0) You have no items in your shopping cart. To prevent trolley from running off of the boom, do not operate crane without end stop bolt firmly secured in place on the end of the boom. Our articulating jibs can be mounted on your floor, wall, ceiling, or bridge crane to best suit your needs. List Price: $8,394.00. l Anchor bolts are used to secure the baseplate to a reinforced concrete foundation for ultimate stability under load. Available in capacities to 150 lbs. Available in wall, column or ceiling mounted where the work area is a premium. Do not adjust or disassemble crane when jib is under load. The PIVOT PRO® is easier to rotate in close to the free standing mast or building column. This certification means that not only are all welders AWS Certified, but all processes and procedures adhere to AWS CWF requirements. These jib cranes support nearly any type of manipulator, balancer, or hoist. These jib cranes support nearly any type of manipulator, balancer, or hoist. All requests for reimbursement must be accompanied by proper documentation. Articulating Jib Cranes. Gorbel-Articulating-Freestanding-Jib-Crane. During painting, all components surfaces are coated with a quick drying, semi-gloss enamel, applied to a minimum dry-film thickness of 2 to 3 mils. l Offers 360-degree rotation for inner and outer arms. Mast Type Gorbel Jib Cranes. Shop articulating jib cranes ideal for work areas that have very small work spaces. The second arm of this articulating jib crane can be … Reimbursement for labor will be provided at a maximum rate of $75 per hour. Foundationless options available. Articulating Jib Crane Articulating jib crane is a new type jib crane, with its articulating arm, it can help you carry loads anywhere of your task zone. Offering effortless rotation Motivation articulating jibs are ideally suited to service virtually any point between the pivot and the anchor. Do not install a hoist with a capacity greater than that of the jib. All warranty claims must be approved by Spanco before any work is performed. The articulating jib crane can rotate at 360 degrees, in each pivoting point. This equipment, used as a crane, is not in any way designed for lifting, supporting, or transporting humans.