This rod is absolutely amazing. – it is all about fishing, equipment, reels, rods, fishing tips, fishing methods is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Action Power 7' 3" 1 10 - 20lb 1/4 - 1oz Fast Heavy Technique: Buzzbaits / Horny Toads / Jigs / Senkos / Small Swimbaits / Spinnerbaits Dobyns Fury … With Dobyns fishing rods you can take your fishing to the next level. The disadvantage of graphite is that it’s quite fragile and requires special care, especially during transportation. The action also affects the casting and for which situations the rod is best suited. When a fish is hooked, the tip gives more and transfers power further down the rod’s blank. Strikes were easily detected when the bait was on the fall. Pay attention to the length of the handle and make sure it matches your fishing style. So, the best spinning rod is the Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR703SF. This series is distinguished by its compactness, lightness, and low price. Like all the previous ones, it’s made of high modulus graphite, but it has a couple of differences. I wanted a professional judgment on the build of the Dobyns Fury fishing rods. Graphite is strong, durable, flexible, and sensitive. Sensitive, light, strong and balanced providing an exceptional value. Ike’s Celebrity Pro Am Bass Fishing Recap and Upcoming Ike Foundation Events, The Ike Foundation® Announces 2020 College Scholarship Winners, Angling Adventures with Steve Scaramastro, For more products recomended by Ultimate Bass visit our Amazon Store, Dobyns Rods Champion Extreme HP DX 746C Review, Ike’s Celebrity Pro Am Bass Fishing Recap and Upcoming …. ... ST. CROIX . After ten years in tournament fishing and achieving over 100 tournament victories, Gary realized that what the fishing companies are offering today is not enough. The FR702SF casting rod has the most sensitive tip on this list. This rod has a slightly higher price tag than the rest, but if you’re ready to invest, then that’ll definitely be the best quality you’ll get. Get all latest content delivered to your email a few times a month. Learn More about Mike Cork. Buy Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 734C Heavy Power Fast Action Casting Rod, 7'3", Black/Green online at low price in India on The Dobyns Rods Fury bass fishing rod is now available. The blank of this model is made of high modulus graphite, like all other rods in the series. Gary has put all his years of experience into making rods and made a really high-quality product. Using the Fury 734C as a spinnerbait rod, willow leaf and Indiana blade vibration was easily detected. But the most important thing is to use your rod for its intended purpose. ... 2013. $119.99. Anglers with big hands are unlikely to be comfortable with this rod. This was not an option for Gary; “I always say you can’t make a good rod without a good blank. The handle should lie comfortably in the hand and not slip out during a long and hard fight with the fish. we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, A favorite Spook retrieval technique among anglers is called walk …, Bass fishing is a very rewarding activity for a lot …, The Xtasy, once a dream of many Dobyns Rods users, …, The Ike Foundation® hosted its 5th Annual Ike’s Celebrity Pro …, NINES Optics, manufacturer of the NIRTECH® polarized lenses, announces the debut …, Ultimate Bass, LLC | 5422 Amber Circle | Benton, LA 71006 | (318) 347-7380, Fall Topwater Bass Fishing “The Zara Spook”. The split handle at the top or bottom already reduces fatigue and enhances your grip. When an angler holds the Fury, it will be hard to see where the cosmetics were cut. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With eleven rods in the Fury lineup, anglers are sure to find the rods fitting their specific needs. I decided to pick up the FR 734C model, which is rated for lures 1/4oz to 1oz. Action Power 7' 3" 1 10 - 20lb 1/4 - 1oz Fast Heavy Technique: Buzzbaits / Horny Toads / Jigs / Senkos / Small Swimbaits / Spinnerbaits Dobyns Fury Casting Rod FR 735C: Length Pcs Line wt. Impressions: It has been so long since I started testing the Fury that I had to go back to my initial notes to remember where the rod was positioned back in May 2015, when it was first introduced.At the time it was a major move for Dobyns to bring a rod down to the $119-$129 dollar price point, which was even lower than the existing Savvy Series, which retailed for $40-$50 dollars more. Gary’s goal with the Fury line of rods started with the concept – a better ‘made’ fishing rod is more important to anglers than a better ‘looking’ rod. For the past five years, I have been fishing only on beautiful sandy beaches. Dobyns Rod’s new Fury Series boasts the essential features that anglers demand: high modulus graphite blank, Fuji reel seat, Kevlar wrapping and AA grade cork grip with hi-density Hypalon butt. The Dobyns Fury 734c may possibly be the best all around bass fishing baitcast rod for the money! Ultimate Bass Many rods will work for these techniques; however, the mod-fast action is a huge plus in casting crankbaits or topwater, and landing bass on treble hook baits. Short rods give you more control over the lure and more precision when casting, but can only be cast for short or medium distances. Designed by bass tournament veteran Gary Dobyns, Fury … To catch heavy fish with a lightweight rod you need to have professional rod handling skills. But there’s a reason for this, rods in this series are quite cheap, but they have excellent performance. Despite this, all rods in the series are very powerful and durable. This all adds up to the perfect rod for the beginning and tournament angler alike. I love this Sierra! What kind of fish do you want to catch? The cork handle is not one-piece but is divided into 2 parts for different hands. Sensitive, light, strong and balanced providing an exceptional value. Dobyns Rods Sierra Series 683C Medium Heavy Casting Rod; 7. I found the power and fast action was a great combination, allowing me to turn a bass’s head rather quickly. Priced at $109.99, the Dobyns Rods Fury has several places in my rod locker, and I’ll bet it will yours too. Also, the handle has a built-in reel seat. And we have selected the two best rods in the Spinning and Casting category based on these parameters. Gary explained it like this, “The Fury is made to be a “little” slower than our Champion and DX series, making them more versatile and more “forgiving” for anglers.” What this means to the angler is casting will be more accurate and fewer bass will escape because of poor hooksets, getting caught off guard during a fight, or jumping bass. The balance on both of these rods enhances their sensitivity. The rod is made of durable lightweight graphite and is 7 feet long. This item: Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 735C Mag Heavy Power Ex-Fast Action Casting Rod, 7'3", Black/Green $109.99 Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). Maybe my blog will help you catch a fish or two. The rod works best when dropping a rig or jig. I’ve seen good things about both and just wondering if one has an edge over the other. Get the Net it’s a Hawg document.write("