“Do whatever you want all of the time,” he says apologetically. When Swanson is introduced, it is revealed that she is an extremely muscular, bearded athlete who is a parody of "Macho Man" Randy Savage" who only started identifying as a woman a few weeks ago. From a viewer’s perspective, it seems the point is to belittle transgender people, to argue that we shouldn’t be able to compete in sports in accordance with the way we present ourselves to the world, and to treat our identities as punchlines. Do they really think that trans women are men who want to have an easier life? OPEN . Stadium Videoboard Message and Fan Experiences, Military & First Responder Single Game Offers, video platform powered by CBS Sports Digital. When asked why she looks and sounds the way she does, Heather says, “I’m not here to talk about my transition, I’m here to kick some f**king ass.” After she dominates the competition, it’s revealed that she’s really a man: the ex-boyfriend of another weightlifter, who pretended to be a woman in order to make his ex-girlfriend look bad. The sportscaster goes on to ask Strong Woman if she has met the trans athlete, Heather Swanson, and she replies with a no. On November 13th, 2019, episode seven "Board Girls" of animated TV series "South Park" premiered. Personal: Born in Boca Raton, Florida, and then later moved to Parkland, Florida… lived with her parents Gary and Monica… was in the middle of four children… her brothers, Travis and Gary are 22 and 17 years old, and her sister Brittany is 24… hobbies include fishing, baking, watching movies, and she love going to baseball games… currently majoring in Nutritional Science because she wants to become a physician’s assistant… can’t whistle. FX: 9.850 South Park is targeting an oppressed group which is already in the crosshairs of the federal government on a daily basis, a group it has already mocked and ridiculed for literally decades. Pac-12 Winter Academic Honor Roll 2020 Randy "Macho Man" Savage making a special appearance as "Macho Woman" Heather Swanson (name based on real-life World's Strongest Woman Becca Swanson) in South Park episode "Board Girls" as transgender strength athlete to take away the title of StrongWoman Champion away from the champion named Strong Woman. 2020 (Senior Year): Competed in 10 meets of the season...  season-highs of 9.700 on vault, 9.775 on the uneven bars, and 9.825 on floor at LSU (1/3/20)... Earned a season-high of 9.750 on vault against Western Michigan, Iowa State, and Rutgers (1/11/20)... Earned season-highs of 9.800 on vault and bars and 9.825 on floor vs. Oregon St. (1/25/20)... Earned a season-high of 9.825 on vault and tied her season-high of 9.800 on bars vs. Utah (2/1/20)... Earned a season-high of 9.850 on vault vs. ASU (3/6/20)... Tied her career-high 9.825 on bars vs. Ohio St., Bridgeport (3/8/20). Heather Swanson CrossFit . Buy colorful, artsy face masks for Covid-19 https://shrsl.com/2ot39Unusual but usual for South Park. ‘South Park’ Elementary’s Vice Principal was participating in the Strong Woman competition with the very burly Heather Swanson. MIX | Popular Singers Who Praise God, Part 2 Honestly, I find that kind of bigoted, David. 3--CFID 52997 Division -- Age 41 Height 5'5" Weight 132 lb Affiliate -- Stats. In the episode, Heather competes against character Strong Woman in a Strong Woman Competition, ultimately winning it, and continuously mocks Strong Woman about her loss and her unwillingness to respond throughout the episode. Honestly, I have to ask: Do Trey Parker and Matt Stone — the men behind South Park — really think that trans women athletes are actually men looking to get revenge on their exes? Club/High School: Attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School… spent 15 years with her club team American Twisters, who was named the 2016 Region 8 club of the year… in 2016 Heather also placed 7th at the junior Olympic National competition, placed 3rd at Regionals, and became a State All-Around champion. 2021 © University of Arizona / Tucson, AZ 85721. Career Highlights: If they had, they’d know that trans athletes are anything but happily welcome to compete as their real gender. Bader also voiced Tom Nelson, A.K.A Bat Dad, from the Season 9 episode "The Losing Edge". Here's What 'South Park's Awful Episode on Trans Athletes Gets Wrong. Heather Swanson … Scholastic All-American 2018 If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments. When asked about his recent transition, the Macho Man character, who goes by the monicker Heather Swanson, proceeds to say he’s going to smoke his female athlete competitors, telling a reporter, “I’m not here to talk about my transition. Being a social justice warrior, like her co-worker, PC Principal, Strong Woman tries her best not to follow gender stereotypes and tries to keep others from potentially following them or supporting them as well. The seventh episode of the definitely-not-asked-for 23rd season of the show, titled “Board Girls,” featured a “trans woman” (in quotes, because it’s revealed that he’s a man pretending to be a trans woman) who looks and sounds like the late professional wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage. At the STRONGWOMAN Competition, Strong Woman is interviewed and told that there is a new transgender athlete competing named Heather Swanson. Reinforcing the idea, even unintentionally, that trans women are fraudulent decievers leads to violence — like when men flirt or sleep with trans women, “find out that they’re really men,” and assault or murder them for “tricking” them. As her name suggests, Strong Woman is a strong, independent woman, or at least she tries to be. First of all, most trans athletes have to adhere to very strict hormone testing before they are allowed to compete in accordance with their gender. GymCat Feature: Heather Swanson - University of Arizona Athletics Skip To Main Content Do they really think that women have easier lives than men? VT: 9.875 Strong Woman Well, what is an "average trans athlete"? For example, a trans woman who wants to compete in the Olympics must demonstrate a testosterone level below 10 nmol/L for at least a year before their first competition. As the "The Strong Woman Competition" begins Vice Principal Strong Woman meets her biggest rival - a woman named Heather Swanson who recently identified as female. “I can’t tell you how free I feel, now that I can identify as a woman. When Swanson is introduced, it is revealed that she is an extremely muscular, bearded athlete (a parody of "Macho Man" Randy Savage [2] ) who only started identifying as a woman a few weeks ago. 2019 (Junior Year): Competed in every meet of the regular season … Tied her career-high of 9.850 on floor against Cal (1/26/19) and at TWU/Centenary/Air Force (3/3/19) ... Earned a career-high of 9.825 on the uneven bars at Stanford (2/24/19) … Earned a season-high of 9.850 on vault at the Pac-12 Championships (3/23/19) … Attended Corvallis NCAA Regional with the team and as an individual competitor and earned a 9.800 on vault.